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Segment production with refurbished moulds with guarantee offers an economic alternative for the subway MRT Kuala Lumpur Line 2.

„No new moulds required“, „familiar handling“ and „perfect support by the service team on site“ – this is how our customer MMC-GAMUDA describes the re-use of 160 segment moulds for the subway MRT Kuala Lumpur Line 2 in brief.

MMC-GAMUDA has produced about 9,000 tunnel lining rings which have been installed by 10 TBMs for the mega project Klang Valley MRT Line 1 in Kuala Lumpur using 160 segment moulds manufactured by Herrenknecht Formwork. With support from Schwanau, the Herrenknecht team in Chengdu manufactured the moulds in 2011.

Five years later, starting in November 2016, a mould expert from Herrenknecht Formwork refurbished these 160 moulds and made them ready for re-use for the Line 2 of the MRT Kuala Lumpur. In cooperation with the team from Herrenknecht Malaysia, during his two-month service, he checked and replaced gaskets, springs, screws, corner joints, erector cones and knee levers as well as different connections. He also checked the arc length, the inner radius and the alignment of the longitudinal joints of the moulds using five gauges that have been produced especially for this purpose. In addition, he complemented the 7+1 mould design, which has proven itself during segment production for the Line 1 already, by a screw connection specially developed for the new project.


„The costs for the refurbished moulds are approx. one third compared to the costs for manufacture of new moulds”, explains Herrenknecht Formwork project manager Kuno Hamm, „and we offer a guarantee on refurbished moulds up to 1,000 production cycles“. Before re-use of the moulds in the different places of production, the moulds have been checked via 3D measuring and have been adjusted if necessary. Chin Ray Mun, Senior Manager Tunnel Department at MMC-GAMUDA, is generally satisfied: „The refurbished moulds entirely meet with the quality requirements for segment production.” A good reference for further, sustainable refurbishment projects.